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Traditional Metal Implants and

Zirconia Dental Implants

Harmony Dental of Santa Clarita provides a variety of dental implants. All are the ideal replacements for missing teeth, since they integrate with the jawbone over 3-6 months. This prevents the natural shrinking of the bone that takes place when a tooth is lost.  Most dentures are unable to do this, since they are not anchored into the jaw, while dental bridges slow this process down, but do not last nearly as long as an implant, which can be a permanent solution.

A missing tooth also results in the neighboring teeth leaning into the gap, starting a chain reaction of misalignment and the loosening of other teeth, which may fall out or need to be extracted. That is why a missing tooth cannot be simply ignored.

Conventional implants consist of a screw that is made of a biocompatible metal called titanium, which can be inserted into an empty socket in the back of the mouth, then covered with a temporary cap so you can chew and speak normally. If the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth and visible when you smile, then a tooth-like temporary dental crown is created until a dental lab can craft the final version. Once “osseointegration” is complete and the gums have healed, the crown, made in the same shade as the other teeth, is attached to the implant screw. No one will ever know you once had any missing teeth.

We also offer dental implants made of zirconium oxide, a dental ceramic for those who are allergic to any kind of metal and which is even more natural-looking. Studies of zirconia implants show that patients are less likely to have inflammation and bone loss than even the low rates for titanium. You can explore which might be best for your case, including your cosmetic needs and budget.

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