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The main disadvantage of conventional dentures, whether removable partials or full dentures, are usually thought of as the lisp that comes when they don’t fit right, since they need to be replaced about every five years due to the natural shrinking of the bone. There are also limits on the ability to chew well and pain-free. Many patients even hesitate to smile, lest the fact that they wear dentures embarrass them.

How does it Work?

What is not well understood by most denture wearers is that there is an alternative to the shrinking jawbone and the need to redesign dentures for a new fit: overdentures. Unlike conventional ones, which sit on top of the gums and are attached by suction or an adhesive, overdentures can be attached to any remaining teeth or some dental implants that are anchored into the jaw. This has the same benefits as dental implants in stopping jawbone erosion and misalignment of the bite (the latter also results in other teeth becoming loose), but overdentures can be made permanent or removable without affecting this, since they will be in place at least while you are awake.

But overdentures are far less expensive than placing many individual implants, but they do require surgery, so are not as affordable for some as conventional dentures.

Am I a Candidate?

Overdentures can also be cleaned when in place just like your real teeth, which helps keep periodontal (gum) disease from developing, which is one of the two main reasons that people lose their teeth (the other is due to accidents, such as in sports and car crashes). The combination of the ease of cleaning and preventing misalignment make overdentures by far the best choice among dentures if you cannot afford implants or do not qualify to have a full set of individual ones. Implants require a very strong jawbone and many who lack this cannot have bone grafts to strengthen the jaw.

Because have any type of dentures or implants is a major life choice, set an appointment with Dr. Rad to have a full examination to discuss your best options, all things considered. Don’t delay because every day without a replacement tooth of some kind contributes a little bit to bone loss and misalignment.

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