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Bone Grafting

One of the most highly-skilled procedures that Harmony Dental Care specializes in, unlike most dental practices, is grafting additional bone onto the jaw. It may be needed to replace bone that is missing due to an accident. It may be because of a periodontal infection that causes the gums to pull away their support and the tooth has fallen out. A missing tooth for any reason, if not replaced by a dental implant anchored into the jawbone, will begin a natural process of shrinkage of the bone, called atrophy. 

The Bone Grafting Process

The replacement bone to restore the health of the jaw would enable someone who wants an implant, but lacks sufficient bone, to qualify for at least an All-on-4 implant platform, even if after the graft the jawbone is not as ideally strong enough to have numerous individual implants. This allows your dentist to place as many dental crowns (the replacements for the visible part of a tooth) as needed, while requiring only four implants for the whole platform. This would also shorten the time of the entire replacement process, as well as the cost.


The source for the graft bone can be the patient’s own bone from somewhere else on the body, from a cadaver, a cow, or biocompatible synthetic bone, all of which are safe and stimulate the growth of new bone cells.

The graft surgery is painless, since we provide a whole range of anesthetic options, from topical numbing solutions and local injections to mild or strong versions of oral medications to target the brain centers of fear and anxiety and help you relax, perhaps even fall asleep.

Supplementary Services

To determine if you need a bone graft requires a digital x-ray, which involves minimal radiation. After a graft is done, you will be given guidance on when and what you can eat, brush, and floss, as well as how to prevent swelling. Once the graft has healed, you will be able to proceed with your implant of whatever type.

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