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BIOLASE Epic X Laser

At Harmony Dental of Santa Clarita, we use the most advanced technological tools to support each of our treatment services.

Most recently, we have added the BIOLASE Diode Epic X laser, which has a multiplicity of uses to benefit your oral health.

The first aspect of the Epic X laser that you will appreciate is that it is a quiet procedure, rather than having the traditional dental drill buzzing in your ears and shaking your entire mouth. It is so gentle and precise that no anesthetic is even needed in most cases.

How the Epic X Works

Second, combining laser energy and atomized water, it can treat both soft tissues like your gums and the hard tissues of your teeth, cleaning both of the bacterial film called plaque and its hardened version, tartar, when your brushing and flossing have not been thorough enough. Epic X also sterilizes the area to prevent post-treatment infections.

You should have a professional cleaning by your dental hygienist at least every six months, since she has tools like this and the techniques to help you prevent periodontal disease, which can lead to the gums becoming infected and pulling away their support. This means eventually that those teeth will fall out or have to be extracted.

Alleviating the Causes of Dental Pain

Third, the Epic X can be used to achieve your whitening goals for your teeth in as little as 20 minutes in the dental chair, instead of the traditional approaches that take hours or days, or the over-the-counter techniques that can take weeks and produce unsatisfying results. The laser is also able to achieve this without removing more than what is absolutely necessary of the enamel.

Other uses of this laser include:

  • Extracting cavities and helping fillings to bond to the remaining tooth.
  • Alleviating the pain of dysfunctional temporomandibular (TMJ) hinges, which attach the lower jaw to the skull. If they become dislocated (indicated by a popping sound when you open and close your mouth) they can cause a sore jaw, facial swelling, headaches, sore muscles of the neck and shoulders, and unconscious clenching of teeth.

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